About Centers

Considered, on the early 2000, the biggest brazilian load transport through highways company, the traditional Expresso Mercúrio, characterized itself for its entrepreneurial vision and comproved administrative efficiency. Led by Fração family components, it excelled not only in Brazil, but, also, as one of the leaders of its sector, including, on the continental scene.

On the in the control of many real estate investments that Mercúrio developed, in large grounds and facilities, in different parts of Brazil, the entrepreneurs that ran it, established in November 2003, the Padova Empreendimentos Ltda., based in Porto Alegre, RS, who stressed in its social objectives, among others, asset management, incorporations and housing developments, property management and investments in the construction area.

The constant growth and high scale that it acquired, gave Mercúrio international recognition. Thus, at the height of this successful track record of 60 years,aroused the interest of acquisition by one of the largest companies in this sector, which materialized in 2007.

For their part, the directors of Mercúrio, managing large properties in different states of Brazil, followed driving the growth of Pádova and heading for the increase of enterprises in business centers and logistics centers in major areas it has.

The predominant focus in this type of enterprises - business centers and logistics centers - led, in 2012, to a change in the brand name and its corporate name, which became CENTERS Empreendimentos Ltda.

The brand CENTERS replaced the Pádova brand., Following the principles and the ever growing trajectory of its predecessor. And It proposes to take a prominent position in the national scenario of real estate projects in large areas, working in sized enterprises, in the planning, design and construction of business centers and logistics centers.